I got the best news today!  A nurse from the Hematology Oncology Clinic called and said, "The PETscan shows definitely signs of progress.  The spot on your liver is no longer visible and there is no sign of metastatic disease anywhere in your body."  Oh my goodness, praise the Lord!

So we've been celebrating.  After calling and texting everyone I could think of, Ryan and I took our boys, Caleb, Dad and Gramma to Applebees for dessert.  We sat around, ate food that was not on our diet, laughed and felt lighter than we had in months.  Now the boys are all in their beds and I'm just marveling at this incredible answer to prayer.  I asked what I should pray, I felt convicted to continue to pray and encouraged by all of your passionate and honest responses question, and now God has given a very clear answer to my prayers.  God has given me hope.

Dad explained it well.  He said that every time we got bad new about mom, the path before them felt like it was covered in fog.  Everything was unsure, merky, cold and scary and yet there was still a path they had to follow.  Whenever we got good news about mom, the fog lifted and the path before them felt clear, focused and like it was leading somewhere promising.  I feel like I am on the promising path.  They have searched me and found no cancer! Now, whatever I have to do is just to solidify the cancer's demise.  I no longer have to lay awake at night wondering how to explain to my five, three and nine-month-old sons that I'm not going to make it.  I know that I have trials and hard stuff still ahead, but the path before me is clear.  The wonderful part, though, is that I am here to attest that God has been carrying me this whole time, especially in the fog.  And he will continue to carry me no matter what lies ahead.

But tonight, I am claiming this victory in His name!  He has heard the cries of our hearts!  Praise the name of the Holy Father who loves his children.  Praise the name of Jesus, who weeps and cheers with us.  Praise the name of the God who is more powerful than anything this world can throw at us.  Amen.