I once thoroughly related to the old Chris Rice song, “Smell the Color Nine,” when he tells God, “sometimes findin’ you is just like tryin’ to smell the color nine/ nine’s not a color/ and even if it were, you can’t smell a color.” I’ve believed in God and pursued a personal relationship with Jesus for most of my life, but actually feeling his presence was an elusive experience.

Now I’m quite a bit older than when that song was released, and I’ve have some vivid, sometimes gut-wrenching flashes of God’s presence since then. My ever-morphing conclusion is that God’s presence can be felt and found every day. I have found him in moments of momentous accomplishment like climbing Mt. McLoughlin or giving birth to my sons. Other times, he has made himself undeniably known to me in times of anguish when I longed for Heaven more than I wished to remain on Earth. However, most of my insight into God’s character and his plan for my life has come in small glimpses of how the seemingly mundane can teach me truth and convict my soul.

These moments are the ones I try to capture in this blog: the times that God revealed himself to me through my sweet sons, through my mistakes, through someone else’s wisdom, through scripture, and especially through thorny patches like death and cancer. My writing is my attempt to make sense of these glimpses—the beautiful, the life-changing and the heart-warming.

My deepest hope for the blog is that it encourages and brings joy to you, my readers. Please subscribe and share your comments. If you’re a writer too, contact me about posting your own articles about your glimpses of God. My most meaningful connections with God come from the insight of others.