Thank You Video

Last Thanksgiving, I was so sick that I couldn't get off the couch.  I had just done the 5th of my 6 chemo cycles, and I was sicker than I had been in the whole process.  My sweet daddy bought the entire set of Harry Potter movies, so I laid on the couch that our dear friends, Lauren and Stephen, had given us for just such an occasion and vegged on countless hours of Hogwarts fun (ask me anything about those movies, and I can tell you...12 hours of special features!).  Dad took the boys to our friends the Brains' house for a Thanksgiving meal, and Ryan held me the entire day.  And I truly was thankful for so much: perseverance, what I was learning through loss and pain, good news from test results, Ryan's arms around me, my family, my friends, my Savior, the list went on and on.

BUT, oh my goodness, I am so unbelievably thankful that this Thanksgiving is going to be SOOOO different! I am healed, I am healthy, and I get to EAT Thanksgiving dinner with my family.  As much as I love Harry Potter, I hope that is the last Thanksgiving that he and I have to spend together.  In the spirit of thankfulness, I want to share a video Ryan made chronicling many of the life-sustaining ways people have blessed us in the last sixteen months.  I truly do not know how we would have made it to this day without the people who allowed God to use them as his hands, feet, voice, and pocketbook in our lives.  Thank you for the food, the encouragement, the prayers, the company, the extravagant gifts, the funds, the love and the courage you showed by walking every step of the way with us.  This video is our thank you card to you.

I love you!  Happy Thanksgiving!