Not even a little bit of angst about aging:-)

It’s my 29th birthday:-)  29 years ago, my sweet mama wore pink to the hospital, hoping that she was going to give birth to a little girl named Caitlyn...and she did.  So began a beautiful lifetime of friendship between my mama, my daddy and me.  Today, I feel overwhelmingly blessed to be alive, to be older, and to be 29 (it sounds so sexy and mature!) My life is rich and full and sad at times (more on that in another post), and I don’t know if I’ve ever been more thankful to have a birthday.  Today it is painfully, beautifully clear that joy and sorrow can be stunningly entwined, as I miss my mom more today than ever and yet I am bursting with joy over everything I have to celebrate: my friendship with my dad, my romantic adventure with my hubby, my three super-sons, my priceless friendships with my brothers and their ladies, my sweet gramma, and my amazing extended family on all sides (all you cousins, aunts and uncles know who you are!), my church family and Triad family and my friends who have stood by me through a lifetime of thick and thin.  Oh, and my puppy too!  And books, my kindle, paper, new pens, cake, thai food, running (which I get to start again as long as I get the go-ahead from my doc tomorrow), camping, rain, thunder, the color pink, TOMS, People Magazine, New Girl, The Bachelor, dinner with friends and daffodils (that will forever remind me of my mama).  Life truly is so sweet.  

On this momentous day in my life, I have no deep, spiritual thoughts to share, so I thought I’d leave you with a few gems from my little boys (all three of them).  These truly are their words.  I could not have come up with these pearls:

Liam: “It is good to have pictures of Grammie to look at when we miss her.  You should always take pictures of the people you love.”

Liam: “The best presents on your birthday are hugs and kisses.  Lots of them!”

Liam: “It’s hard not to fall in love with a beautiful girl, so I just can’t help it.”

Sawyer: “It’s good to be adorable.”

Sawyer: “All girls are princesses.”

Everett: “Love you.  All done.”

So, may you take pictures of your loved ones, give lots of hugs and kisses, fall in love whenever you get the chance, practice being adorable, treat girls like princesses and love until all is said and done.  Love you all, and thank you for the birthday wishes!