Twas the Night Christina Wehr

This is a poem my mom wrote during her chemo treatments a few times back.  If this isn't an amazing example of finding joy in the hard times, I don't know what is :-) I love this!


‘Twas the night before chemo and here in my place
I am grateful to still have my brows on my face.
My hair will be leaving, “farewell!” to my locks.
I’m dragging old hats and wigs out of their box.

So I struck with some scissors, some clippers and shears –
(I must keep on smiling and banish all tears!)
My new ‘do is short, but it’s jaunty and classy.
All spiked up with goo, it just makes me feel sassy!

So what if these efforts at fashion don’t last?
Oh, well!  With the scissors, the die has been cast!
A week, or not even, maybe three days or two
Of this stylin’ new look that has make its debut.

And so, with a sigh most resign-ed and sad,
I will embrace baldness – it won’t be so bad!
I have done it before and I’ll do it again,
This “look” that is suave and so sexy on men.

And think of the many good things I can do!
All the pennies I’ll save on gel, mousse and shampoo!
There are minutes I’ll save up each new, sunny day
With no blow-dry or curling to get in the way.

With smooth pate still snuggled asleep on my bed,
I can dream so much longer of times without dread.
I’ll dream of no cancer, no chemo, no drugs,
No evil cells lurking in darkness like thugs.

So now, here I go!  I can do this!  I can!
My treatment is all just a part of the plan
To which warriors (well, docs and nurses) are called
To blot out my enemy, once and for all.

And so I’ll exclaim ‘ere I turn out the light,
“To all, happy dreaming!  To all a goodnight